Box Plots:

boxplot: The boxplot command.
col: The box colors.
main: The title.
xlab: The x axis label.
ylab: The y axis label.
names: Names of the different items.
boxplot(x1,x2,x3,col=c("red","blue","green"),xlab="x axis label",main="Title",ylab="y axis label",names= c("label 1", "label 2", "label 1")
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Example 1: Grades from Three Classes

boxplot(x1,x2,x3,col=c("red","blue","green"),xlab="Class",main="Class Grades",ylab="Grade (%)",names= c("1st Hour", "2nd Hour", "3rd Hour")
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Example 2: Lesson Assignment Overview by Class

boxplot(X1st,X2nd,X4th,X6th,X7th,X8th,col=c("red","blue","green","purple","yellow","orange"),xlab="Class",main="Class Grades for Lesson",ylab="Grade (%)",names= c("1st Hour", "2nd Hour","4th Hour","6th Hour","7th Hour","8th Hour"))

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