Type 1 ppm/ppb/pph Problems:
In this type of problem, you have a set amount of particles in a set about of particles and need to convert the numbers to a percentage. Follow these steps:

  1. Write the number given to you down in the numerator as "parts"
  2. Write the per number in the denominator down in the denominator. Ex) If you are dealing with ppm write million, ppb, write billion, etc.
  3. Divide and get a decimal solution.
  4. Multiply the decimal by 100 to get a percentage.

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Express 569 ppm as a %.
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Express 792 ppb as a %.
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Express 799,564 ppb as a %.
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Type 2 ppm/ppb/pph Problems:
In this type of problem, you have a percent and want to convert it to a ppm, ppb, or pph. Follow these steps and use cross multiplication:

  1. Write the percentage number down over 100. A percentage means out of 100.
  2. Equal the percentage over 100 to x over a million (ppm) billion, (ppb), or hundred (mph).
  3. Cross multiply and solve for x.

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Express 75% as ppm.
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Express 34% as ppb.
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